CLIQ® Remote

CLIQ® Remote Technology

CLIQ® Remote combines mechanical and electronic security

The basic idea of CLIQ® technology is the creation of a lock system that retains a high level of security despite upgrading,alterations or expansion. Even after many years of use and a constant flow of new tenants, new employees or changes that occur in the workplace, the safety level remains unchanged. The system is designed with the advantages of both access control and mechanical key systems, which makes it suitable for geographically scattered businesses.

CLIQ® Remote makes it possible to give one person – regardless of location, anywhere in the world – remote access to a building. It also offers the option to decide the time of day an issued key will start and stop working, as well as in which doors.


Digital key management

Using the Internet-based administration software, key receipts are handled completely digitally, which simplifies archiving and searching, while helping to save the environment.


CLIQ® technology increases security and provides traceability

Security is compromised from the time a key is lost or stolen until either the key is found or the cylinders have been replaced. CLIQ® Remote solves this problem because the system can automatically remove the authorization remotely.



Without a patented security solution, no master key system is secure. That’s why CLIQ® Remote has a strong patent that protects you from keys being copied, making CLIQ® Remote an optimal security system throughout its lifetime.