Access Control Systems


ASSA ARX security system – a combined access control and alarm

ASSA ARX now takes the step from being an access control system into a security system with combined access control and burglar alarm, where all administration is done in a single interface.

ASSA ARX is today the market leader in access control. With the alarm functionality ARX create further benefits since the ARX safety system providing conditions for economical installation, simple administration and secure user.

If you already have an ARX access control system you can easily upgrade your system with the alarm functionality. Existing hardware can be used and easily supplemented with alarm components.

New readers - ASSA Pando ™ Display

 In conjunction with the release of ASSA ARX security system we now extend the Pando reader family with ASSA Pando Display - a combined online reader with display and control panel.

ASSA Pando Display reader can be connected as a reader / keypad to a door environment or as a standalone control panel, for example, a desk or at a monitoring center to manage alarms.

The display on the reader provides the user with clear instructions on alarm handling and access to information about the alarm status. Entry can be refused if the alarm is armed, which provides security for the user.

ASSA Pando:

  • User with clear symbols and indications
  • Future-proof as it supports most of 13.56MHz card technologies. There, in amongst MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire, iCLASS and SEOS
  • Can handle two different card technologies simultaneously. For example MIFARE Classic and MIFARE DESFire, which among other things makes it possible to migrate to a new secure card technology without end-users are affected
  • Exchangeable covers in several colors - let the reader digest the loading or highlighting room colors
  • Designed to be easy to install and perform maintenance work on the future

The ASSA assortment will now expand with alarm components to ASSA ARX security

In conjunction with the launch of ASSA ARX security system now introduced a number of alarm products and new enclosures for Central and door control units.

With the master and slave cards to central processing units created prerequisites for building a security system with both access control and intrusion detection. Via new secure in- and out-put units may integrate more detectors connected to the system and outputs can be used to control e.g. sounders. The new enclosures are more spacious, more friendly to install and inspired by ASSA Pando ™ - reader design. The enclosures are designed to meet the requirements that are desired alarm class with the ability to drill protection.