Kaknäs Tower – high-level security


Kaknäs Tower is the hub of all Swedish radio and television broadcasts. Security is crucial to Teracom, which owns and operates the Swedish terrestrial network for radio and television.

Broadcasts must be aired no matter what, especially in national crises. For Kaknäs Tower and several other facilities, property owner Teracom chose ASSA’s ARX access control system and the ASSA Combi 5800 and ASSA door closers.

Maria Sunnegårdh is security coordinator at Teracom and in charge of physical security at Kaknäs Tower. Alarms, cameras and physical access are her specialty.

“This access system makes my work much easier,” Sunnegårdh says. “We used to have three different key systems, but now we only have one nationwide. That makes it easier for service technicians and contractors at all facilities.

“At the same time, it ensures greater security. We can set start and end dates, even times, on individual keys. If someone doesn’t return a key, we can just deactivate it.”