Easy access control for national arena


Something is always happening at the Friends Arena. Employees, temps and contractors pass through a round-the-clock checkpoint on their way into the arena using an access card or tag in the turnstile.

Sweden’s new national arena uses almost no keys, thanks to ASSA’s ARX access control system. But some doors with less traffic still need a mechanical lock system for the best security.

“The advantage of ARX is that we can assign people to different authorization zones,” says property manager Stefan Cårebo. “ARX is an incredibly flexible system that suits our arena. I’m impressed with all it can do.”

It has to be possible to evacuate the arena – which seats 50,000 for sporting events and 65,000 for concerts – in six minutes. Nothing can go wrong. Panic bars can’t jam, and foot traffic must go in the right direction. Some doors must stay locked to direct the flow of people, and exits must stay free and open.

All panic bars are tested before every event; but that’s just one detail. It takes 500 specially trained hosts to secure each event.