ASSA secures Malmfälten up north


ASSA’s ARX access control system secures mine passages for Malmfälten.

On any given day, LKAB expects over 1,000 vehicles and 2,000 people to pass through the rotating gate into the mine area. During repairs and maintenance, 850 extra contractors are on site. LKAB chose ASSA’s ARX access control system.

“Only authorized personnel with the proper security training and permits are allowed in,” says Ronnie Hansson, section manager at PIB Fires/Inspection/Monitoring. “We need to know who is here in case anything happens.”

At one of the entrances to the facility, vehicle license plates are photographed in a feature integrated with the ARX system.

A total of 17,000 access cards are in circulation. A mine worker has both an access card and a tag, while someone who works above ground only needs an access card.

The card also serves as ID, which can be used to identify the employee in the event of an accident.