ABB standardizes access control with ARX


ABB is a giant company with facilities all over Sweden. Wishing to standardize its access control in several of its locations, ABB selected ASSA’s ARX system.

Sonny Johansson, property manager at ABB Fastighet AB, and ABB’s security division selected ARX for several reasons. A touch-free system is not only convenient for users, it also reduces wear and tear on card readers and cards. It also gives total control over authorization and who issued it.

“ARX is a new generation of access control systems that links several facilities, including security alarms, in a single network,” Johansson explains.

The system integrates with Galaxy security alarms, and in Gothenburg and Malmö there is also a CCTV link.

ABB is a member of ASSA’s experience group for ARX. Sonny Johansson is very pleased with this initiative:

“Members can get advice from each other if they have a problem. Taking advantage of others’ experiences helps us do more things right.”