County council has giant ARX system


The Västmanland County Council is a giant workplace spread over an entire county, with some 6,000 employees. Procedures need to work properly so that everyone can easily get in where they need to.

“A traditional key system is a security risk in a big organization,” says Ulf Greijer, operations engineer at the county council. “If someone loses a key, it’s a huge expense to change all the locks.”

The Västmanland County Council has installed one of Sweden’s biggest ARX systems on all of its doors.

Common access control facilitates many things. With the new system, a lost access card is no big deal. Just block the card and program a new one with the right authorization.

Countywide, more than a thousand online readers are installed. Along with many offline readers and wireless Aperio readers.

The whole ARX system is updated automatically with the healthcare address register (HSAR) each morning at 5 AM. This updates all the information that has been changed since yesterday, so the right card works in the right place.