ASSA at Karolinska University Hospital


If a fire starts, a hospital should be easy to evacuate. At the same time, escape routes cannot become weak points in access control.

Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm is one of Europe’s biggest, with two campuses providing more than 1,700 beds.

In a fire, a hospital must be easy to evacuate. But escape routes must not become weak points in access control. A new solution provides secure access control along with rapid evacuation and re-entry.

“Creating a user-friendly door environment for emergency situations was a major challenge,” says Christer Matonog, fire safety coordinator at Karolinska University Hospital.

His search for technical solutions led to ASSA’s Electric Lock 580 with split spindle function, plus a panic exit device capable of withstanding heavy usage in an emergency.

The solution is now being implemented in hundreds of doors at the hospital. The escape route solution will be an integral part of all construction projects.