Swedish security is top class


One quarter of all the world’s prisoners are in US prisons. This means that the prison industry is growing in the public and private sectors.

ASSA is a top supplier of high-security locks for prisons and prison transports in the US.

“We mainly install ASSA Mogul locks for cell doors,” says Peter Persson, area sales manager at ASSA. “They provide high security and durability for high-frequency use. They’re the best in the industry.”

Mogul cylinders can also be combined with CLIQ®, an additional electronic cylinder lock. Each key fits all locks, but CLIQ® controls when the key gives access – say, to the mess hall between noon and 1 PM, or to certain offices at given hours. CLIQ also registers which key opened which lock and which key tried to open an unauthorized lock – ideal in high-security installations.

“Swedish security thinking and product quality are in many ways far ahead of the US,” says Peter Persson, explaining why ASSA is a leading supplier for this lock type.