P674.1 - Furniture lock (1630)

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ASSA furniture locks are cylinder locks for installation in cabinet doors, which can be implemented in a master key system together with other cylinder shapes.

This solution adds convenience to many installations by allowing users to open entrance doors, office doors and for instance a postal locker with a single key. Other areas where cam locks are perfect to install are electrical cabinets, recreation areas, schools and storage facilities in shops.


ASSA furniture locks are fitted into cabinet doors and will be locked by a catch that is operated by the key. ASSA furniture locks are available in different security levels depending on the users' needs.


Catches must be ordered separately. For alternative designs of catches, contact your local ASSA distributor. Cylindering helps to build up a distance in a thin door and support the installation.

A nail plate helps to support installation so that the cylinder will not turn when installed in the door.

Surface treatment

  • Satin Chrome (213)
  • Polish Chrome (211)
  • Polish Brass (220)
  • Satin Brass (221)
  • Brown oxid (044)


ASSA warrants its cylinders against defective workmanship or wear under normal use and with regular maintenance.