2459 - Removable core

Order information

Article number: 820029*

*ASSA cylinders article numbers consist of a six numbered code followed by a three numbered variation code followed by a three numbered surface treatment code.

Only a full article number is valid ex. XXXXXX-YYY-ZZZ.


ASSA Cam Locks are also available with a removable core feature. This feature allows cores to be changed out in seconds, to provide an entirely new keying combination. For applications that may require instantaneous re-keying due to lost or stolen keys, or where periodic re-keying is done as a matter of good business practice, ASSA's Removable Core Cam Locks save valuable time and money.

Removable Core Cam Lock Benefits:

  • The core (inner lock cylinder) can be removed and replaced in seconds using only a special control key.
  • User keys will operate the lock but will not remove the core.
  • Removable core cam lock cylinders are available with hardened inserts for drill protection.
  • Products can be keyed alike and master keyed with similar ASSA products.
  • Clockwise or counter clockwise operation, key retaining only.
  • The removable core feature is also available in similar products including Padlocks, Cabinet Locks and Switch Locks.
  • Standard 3/4 inch Cam Lock hole prep.

Surface treatment

  • Satin Chrome (213)
  • Polish Chrome (211)
  • Polish Brass (220)
  • Satin Brass (221)
  • Brown oxid (044)


ASSA warrants its cylinders against defective workmanship or wear under normal use and with regular maintenance.