GDPR Performer


GDPR is the new EU regulation to strengthen individuals' rights to their own personal data. The Regulation will enter into force on May 25, 2018.

ASSA Performer supports GDPR in current version. In order to facilitate the compliance of the law with you as a personal data controller, we have conducted an analysis to find potential improvement measures, which means that we will complement Performer with some functionality. Among other things, we will improve logging capabilities to increase traceability about what a specific user does in the system.

We will also include warning texts on free text fields where the system cannot check if it is personal data or not.

The functionality improvements are scheduled to be released in 2018


GDPR is largely about internal routines. Companies / organizations responsible for personal data, regardless of whether it is a security system, passage system, real estate system or other, must ensure that staff handle personal data properly. This includes the legal basis for the processing of personal data, keeping track of the personal data being processed and the context in which only the tasks necessary for the purpose expressed have been deleted, delete data when they are no longer needed.


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