ASSA strives to make it as easy as possible for our customers to meet the requirements of the GDPR in the ARX system. Therefore, a number of new features are included in ARX upcoming versions. We will also continuously review the functionality of the ARX in terms of GDPR.

New ARX version in April

In ARX V4.2, released in April, we have improved data protection management with new features. This makes it easier for you as data processors easier to comply with GDPR.

Features for GDPR In ARX V4.2

  • Default time to save logs changes to a week
  • Anonymization of logs by selected time
  • Anonymization of selected person's all passage events
  • Opportunity to backup with default anonymous personal data
  • Check box for approval of card users to allow logging


GDPR is largely about internal routines. Companies/organizations responsible for personal data, regardless of whether it is a security system, access control system, building management system or other, must ensure that staff handle personal data properly. This includes, among other things, having a legal basis for processing personal data, keeping track of the personal data being processed and the context in which to handle only the information necessary for the purpose expressed, deleting data when no longer required, and to inform and, where necessary, obtain consent from registered persons.


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