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ASSA launches CLIQ® in ASSA ARX

When you decide to invest in an access control solution, the solution should be able to grow with your needs to secure all types of door environments – the system should be intelligent and future-proof.

ASSA ARX enables you to get an advanced online access control system along with an offline reader or offline electronic CLIQ lock cylinders. We call it custom security. Proper safety on the right door, where you get an optimal security that also is cost effective.

ASSA ARX and CLIQ locking systems are two of the market's leading security solutions.

The main advantages of CLIQ in ASSA ARX is
• One software for all administration
• Distribution of cards, keys and authorization are all managed in ASSA ARX
• A personnel record holds all the data

The integration solution between ASSA ARX and CLIQ installs in your ARX server. After that,  all the data imports to ASSA ARX.

Where and when to use CLIQ
• Green field sites like Tele mast, Telecom switches, switchgears etc
• Service shafts
• Hangars
• Caissons
• In padlocks
• Data centrals
• Medicine storage
• Heritage Buildings

Smart Keys
• A key integrated to CLIQ has a built-in clock and memory. It makes it easy for administrators to control permissions with schedules.
• A key integrated to CLIQ can be controlled to operate at different times on different days
• A key integrated to CLIQ can be distributed before the date on which it will work
• A key that is not returned, stops working on appointed time
• Log files of all entries are registered

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